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Turn Your Crypto Dreams Into Reality With Alpha Frens Club
More than just a platform for NFT trading or crypto discussions, at Alpha Frens Club, we are a web3 bonfire: a warm, inviting space where members can gather, share our stories, learn from each other, and eventually uncover new investment opportunities... aka alpha.

However, Alpha Frens Club isn't just about finding 'alpha'; it's about the journey there, the friends you make, the stories you share, and the community you build along the way.

 At Alpha Frens Club, we prioritize meaningful connections and shared experiences. With our members at the heart of everything we do, we've cultivated an environment that values every voice and story.
We Are The New Era Of Crypto Communities!
  • A United Community: We're open to all token or NFT holders, from Bored Apes to Vee Friends and everyone in between
  • We Value Connection: Alpha Frens Club is designed to nurture relationships while promoting discovery and growth
  • We Are The Alpha: We don't just find the alpha; we are the alpha. Our strength lies in our collective creativity, ideas, and relentless pursuit of innovation.
  • Safety Matters: Our vigilant community and robust security measures ensure that you are safe from scammers
  • Active & Engaging: Be it lively discussions, creative brainstorming sessions, or collaborative initiatives - we are a community that values and rewards active involvement.
What You’ll Find In Alpha Frens Club

The heart of Alpha Frens is community and the relationships we build with each other, but we also have the training, resources, and perks you need to accelerate your success in crypto:

Deepen your understanding of the NFT and crypto space with our online classes and courses designed and delivered by industry experts.

Boost your mastery of the Web3 world with our curated courses and masterclasses. Led by industry experts, gain in-depth knowledge of NFTs, crypto, and decentralized finance. Enhance your skills, stay updated, and pave your way to success in the vibrant Web3 domain.
We know... Discord sucks. Alpha Frens Club is different. Here, you're more than just a faceless username. We foster an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated.

We believe in quality over quantity, and we understand the need for a platform that provides more than just endless notifications and faceless interactions, so we've built our community off of Discord. We prioritize meaningful discourse, making sure that the conversations you are part of are actually worth your time. 
Enjoy an elevated Web3 experience with our premium NFTs. These aren't just any digital tokens, but keys to an elevated experience within the Alpha Frens Club community. Become part of a select group of enthusiasts gaining faster access to alpha discovery.

With the ownership of these unique and limited-edition NFTs, you unlock a world brimming with exclusive benefits, from priority access to events and discussions to bonuses in community initiatives. Immerse yourself in the full potential of the Web3 space and stand out with our premium NFTs.
Experience premium community perks with our VIP access. Get priority access to new NFTs, exclusive one-on-one chats, and interactive AMAs with industry trailblazers. Elevate your Web3 journey with our high-tier membership, opening doors to a wealth of insights and interactions.
Elevate your Web3 journey with our exclusive content. We provide you with live training with experts in the web3 and crypto space, detailed analytics, and regularly scheduled webinars on a wide spectrum of topics, key among them being NFTs, digital currency trends, smart contract nuances, and more.

Our premium content is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 technology so you can stay ahead of the curve and confidently stride toward your goals within the Web3 space.

Our Alpha Frens, VIP Frens, and Lifetime Frens will all get access to the Alpha Team Newsletter

Your membership fees help support a full-time team dedicated to finding the hottest alpha and sharing it with you in our newsletter, saving you from having to to spend valuable time scouring Twitter, YouTube, Discord, etc. You can spend more time on the things that matter in your life while still getting the secret intel that can make all the difference in growing your crypto wallet!


Here at Alpha Frens Club, we believe in WAGMI. Our community thrives on shared victories, learning from mishaps, and collective growth. Regardless of market waves, we stick together, fostering an environment where every member feels they're on the path to success in the crypto universe. With us, every step you take in Web3 is a step towards Making It. Join our community and let's Moon together!



OG Beta Launch

• Community chat and threads

• Premium-tier chat and threads

• Intro-level courses


Q3 2024

• Intermediate-level courses

• Monthly webinars and expert talks


Q4 2024

• Advanced-level courses

• Bi-weekly webinars for VIP frens

• Alpha Team newsletter


Q1 2025

• Premium courses

• Digital and IRL meetup events


Meet our founder, Josh - the man who's been living, breathing, and probably even dreaming about crypto for the last decade! He might seem like your average guy, until he starts talking about crypto - then you realize he's a walking encyclopedia of digital finance. 

Tired of the drama and negativity in the crypto discord groups, he decided to flip the script and do something audacious. He created Alpha Frens Club - a harmonious haven in the sometimes turbulent seas of crypto. 

His mission? To cultivate a crypto community that thrives on positivity, camaraderie, and (dare we say it) a healthy dose of fun. His passion for crypto is as infectious as his humor, making Alpha Frens Club a place that feels less like a platform and more like a party where everyone's invited. 

So, if you're looking to explore the crypto space in good company, join Josh at Alpha Frens Club. Warning: Side effects may include frequent laughter, ample learning, and a newfound love for crypto!

What is Alpha Frens Club?
Alpha Frens Club is a community built around the shared passion for discovery in the Web3 and digital finance space. We come together to learn, explore, and make connections in a positive and engaging environment.
How can I join Alpha Frens Club?
It’s simple! Just click the "Join Us" button on our homepage and follow the registration process. You'll be a part of our thriving community in no time!
What are the benefits of joining Alpha Frens Club?
As a member of Alpha Frens Club, you get exclusive access to insightful content, early investment opportunities, networking events, and exclusive resources that will accelerate your crypto journey.
What is 'Alpha Discovery'?
'Alpha Discovery' is our term for the process of identifying and exploring promising projects in the digital finance and Web3 space at an early stage, providing a potential advantage in the market.
Where is the Alpha Frens Club community hosted?
Unlike most crypto communities, we've taken a distinct path away from Discord. Alpha Frens Club has its own dedicated platform to host our thriving community. Our platform has its own website and mobile app to provide a seamless user experience for all of our frens.
Can I get lifetime access to Alpha Frens Club?
Absolutely! We offer a unique Lifetime Pass that grants you permanent access to our community and all the exclusive content. *COMING SOON*


We don't just find the alpha; we are the alpha. Our strength lies in our collective creativity, ideas, and relentless pursuit of innovation. Here, every member's voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every contribution brings us a step closer to our shared objective: harnessing the power of crypto and NFTs for friendship and alpha discovery.

Check out our Alpha Frens Club rap!

join your frens at the web3 bonfire
Ready to redefine your digital interactions? Be part of Alpha Frens Club - a dynamic, decentralized community powered by NFTs. Unearth alpha, cultivate friendships, and enjoy a suite of digital products designed to enhance your journey.

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